Jake Peavy


Remember when we traded for this guy? I think we were all pretty excited that day. I mean, after we saw the grocery list of prospects we gave up to get an injured starting pitcher and then uncoiled ourselves from the fetal position, I think we were all pretty excited. It would be an understatement to say that since we acquired him he hasn’t really done well. In fact, Clayton Richard, one of the prospects we gave up for him, has pitched better.

Jake Peavy was the National League Cy Young award winner back in 2007. After what we’ve seen from him in a White Sox uniform it’s easy to forget about that. It’s tough to say whether that potential is still in that dangly right arm of his and I guess until we see it Jake Peavy can be our own version of Schrodinger’s Cat. I’d use a better comparison but that’s all I have. Pretend it works.

With Mark Buehrle leaving for Miami the White Sox have no ace. Some pitching staff’s have four aces but the Sox don’t have any. Could Peavy turn into that guy? Jake will be going into Spring Training with a healthy, fully rested arm for the first time as a member of the Sox. That could be great news or his arm could fall off. After watching him pitch for the last year and a half it’s perfectly possible that either of those could happen.

Regardless of the “ace” status he will most likely be at the top of our pitching rotation as the number one starter. We haven’t gotten a full season out of Peavy yet so we can’t speculate too much on what he’ll give Robin Ventura. Whatever he does, though, it sure will be an adventure watching it. If I hear Hawk call him Jake “The Snake” I think I’m going to punch the television. I’ve already punched three TV’s because of him and I don’t want to buy another one. You know how it is with that guy. *shudder*

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