Today must suck for Kenny Williams


Early evening yesterday social media was buzzing about Kenny Williams. “I know why Kyle Williams fumbled…Because the White Sox are terrible,” said one Facebook post. A huge play in San Francisco suddenly hit real close to home.

This is probably the worst day in Kenny Williams’ life. The General Manger of the White Sox has gone through losing seasons, bad trades and the occasional dust up with a former manager. However, nothing compares to the feeling he has watching his son Kyle Williams get dragged through the mud today.

In case you don’t know, Kyle is a second year wide receiver on the San Francisco 49ers. Yesterday he became a trending topic after fumbling in overtime of the NFC Championship Game which ultimately led to the Giants winning field goal. “It’s just one of those things man,” said Kyle. “Football happened.”

After the game Kyle received multiple death threats on Twitter. He faces an obviously upset fan base during a long off-season. For as much pain as Kyle is going through today it must be just as difficult for his father. Kenny has always been a passionate family man who never hides his love for his children. Never during his sub par baseball career, arguments with Ozzie Guillen or media sessions explaining why the Sox have Alex Rios has Kenny had to go through as tough a day like this.

Just days ago I saw Kenny get booed when his face showed up on the Jumbotron at the Bulls game. He just shook off the public critique and continued to enjoy the game. He knows people are upset over his various moves and he accepts any and all blame. He always comes off as a tough guy but I can only imagine today is different. This isn’t the usual “Hey Kenny what the heck were you thinking when you traded for Jake Peavy?” This is worse.

Sports has a way of getting too personal. People don’t care about the well being of a 23-year-old. To watch your son get beat up through various media outlets must be tough. For once he can’t push back with his abrasive style.  This goes beyond answering questions about Adam Dunn’s countless strikeouts. This is personal. I could imagine for today Kenny Williams is not the White Sox General Manager, he’s just a concerned father.