Breaking News?


Apparently Ozzie Guillen made a talk radio appearance in Chicago (please begin restricting yourself to Miami radio whenever) and stated that he’d seen there was something wrong with Adam Dunn as early as Spring Training. For some reason this is somewhat of an issue with fans and media. Adam Dunn was clearly broken in 2011; anybody with a pair of eyes certainly saw that. In what world is it outrageous for the manager of the ballclub to admit that he saw it too? Sure, he ran Dunn out there way too much while he was clearly struggling. That’s an issue even before he admits he noticed something was wrong. What would bother me is if Ozzie had said that he didn’t notice anything wrong with Adam Dunn because that would mean we had a moron running the team. So something was wrong with Adam Dunn, thanks for the scoop. The best thing to do as a result of this story breaking is to shrug your shoulders and perhaps take another step into the delusional thinking that the 2012 version of Adam Dunn (or Adam-12 as some brilliant fan has named him) won’t be broken.