Yo, Enis!


I’m not yelling for former Chicago Bears first round draft pick Curtis Enis. I’m yelling at Cuban sensation Yoenis Cespedes to see if he’ll loan me a few dollars. The 2nd giant sum of money thrown this off-season at a player who has not yet seen any Major League action, read: unproven, has been offered up by the Miami Marlins to retain the services of Senor Cespedes. “La Potencia” has been a signing target for multiple teams ever since he burst on the scene with his 20 minute highlight video announcing his defection from native Cuba as well as his extreme core strength and elite squatting skills. As you know, the White Sox have been pretty good about remaining relevant in the Cuban free agent market, currently holding Alexei Ramirez and Dayan Viciedo on the roster. Among the 4 or 5 teams repeatedly named as active pursuers of Cespedes were the Sox. Unfortunately, (fortunately?) the hopes of a Cuban trifecta on the Southside have evidently been dashed by none other than the Buehrle thieving Miami Marlins. According to MLB Trade Rumors the Marlins have offered around $40M for a 6 year contract following Cespedes’ visit to meet with the team earlier this week. The same source reporting the offer says that Cesepedes has no plans to meet with other organizations and would like to play for Miami.

I suppose it makes sense that he would feel comfortable starting his big league career relatively close to home. Should the signing become official this will be the latest in what has been an extremely active winter for the Marlins as he’ll be joining fellow newcomers Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, Carlos Zambrano & Ozzie Guillen. Obviously I know very little of Cespedes’ personality, however anybody that could attach his name to the video that circulated, and even endorse a sequel has to have a pretty large ego in tow. Those of us that have followed the White Sox for the past 8 years know that the Miami manager also scores high on the ego scale. H2R, Ozzie, Cespedes, Logan Morrison and Carlos Zambrano should make for a pretty strong gathering of personalities. Whether it works to the team’s advantage or ends up as a burden is anybody’s guess.