Are the Sox in Desperation Mode?


I go to about 10 Sox games a season. I usually find whatever cheap tickets are available in the bleachers or outfield section. They usually cost me no more than $40 a ticket depending on who they are playing. I have never been a season ticket holder nor do I really have a desire to be one. With that, I have heard more from the White Sox promotional staff than ever before in the last couple weeks. Are they getting desperate?

In the last month I have received 13 emails, calenders and ticket plans in my mail box. Last week I had a representative call me from the team to tell me how excited they were for the upcoming season. She then proceeded to offer me season tickets and seven game plans. I don’t think I’m that special, at least when it comes to the White Sox. This is the sign of a desperate franchise who knows they will have a hard time drawing fans on a daily basis. A sad start to the season if you ask me.

Sox fans are normally blue-collar hard working people who are knowledgeable about the game and don’t like spending their hard earned money on a bad product. They don’t like spending their money on a GM who complains about the fans and fights with the manager. A center fielder who refuses to chase down fly balls.

If the White Sox put as much energy into changing the culture of the team as they do their marketing campaign they will have people come to the ballpark. Who knows too, they might just get a winner out there too.