White Sox Pitchers and Catchers Report to Glendale


Not so long ago, I was waiting for the train and thought I recognized somebody walking by. I was sure it was an old friend that I used to hang out with back in Jr. High but hadn’t seen in years. I went for it, “Andy?” His eyes widened with recognition and we both guffawed and wowed at the randomness of running into each other. How’s it going? What have you been up to? Have you seen so and so? We ran through the 5 or 6 initial holy cow how do you dos and then we pretty much stared at each other in silence for 5 minutes (which is probably 30 seconds real time). Ok good to see ya. There’s nothing left to say after that. First off, you’re welcome for that story. Second, I did have a point, and the point is: pitchers and catchers. They reported today. We’re excited and it’s great, and now we talk about a bunch of nothing for a little while. We will love the nothing and we will wait for the games. Those games won’t mean anything either, but we’ll love them too! All day the White Sox beat has been asking about weight gains and losses, management changes, expectations, facial hair and even hair atop ones head. All so that they can dutifully report it to us. Here’s what you (don’t) need to know thus far:

Bruce Levine reports that Matt Thornton would have been devastated if he were traded, and would like to be considered once again for the closer role.

JJ Stankevitz doesn’t agree with me but Jesse Crain made a point I’ve been trying to since Prince signed with Detroit: Tigers have Prince but they lost .330 hitter in Martinez. Prince will hit more HRs but won’t hit .330.

Everybody declines invitations to speak ill of Ozzie, acknowledge he is gone and welcome Robin Ventura to the helm, says Chris Silva

From Mark Gonzalez and Zach Stewart we learn that Herm Schneider may have taken some time off worrying about everybody else’s health this winter and focused on his own.

It’s here, people. We are less than 2 weeks away from real live baseball (that doesn’t count). Get ready!