Jake Peavy is Poised to Make 30 Starts This Season


For the first time in his White Sox career, Jake Peavy is healthy and poised to lead the team’s pitching staff. Peavy will be vital to the team’s success this season if they want to compete in the AL Central Division.

“I’ll be highly disappointed if I don’t make every start,” Peavy said. “Yeah if I don’t make 30 starts, I’ll be highly disappointed.”

The departure of Mark Buehrle leaves a huge void on the team. Buehrle made a team record nine Opening Day starts. People will point to the new contract of John Danks and say he is the team’s ace but Peavy wants to be mentioned in the conversation.

“Mark Buerhle will be missed, but we have guys on this staff that can pick up the slack,” Peavy said. “There is no doubt about it, we have guys who have done good things in the past.”

“It’s huge to give (John Danks) the stability, and him being the guy here for the next five or so years. We have the pieces in here to win. It’s just the bottom line of us showing up and doing it.”

It’s going to be an uphill battle for Peavy. He has only made 48 starts his last three seasons. Last year he only made 19. Time is still on his side. The veteran pitcher will turn just 31-years-old in May of this year.

It feels like Peavy’s tenure with the White Sox has been one long rehab stint. This off-season he has finally been able to train like a healthy pitcher. Does that translate into 30 starts? That still remains to be seen.