A Few Thoughts, A Few Links for Friday


Beyond the Boxscore has done some research in search of the next breakout hitter. Last year Lewie made a prediction that (White Sox draftee) Mike Morse would be the man to watch. Well turns out he was pretty spot on. Morse exploded last season knocking over 30 homeruns and batting above .300. He’s got a prediction for 2012 too, and it’s a little surprising. Based on HR/FB rate for players in the final month of the 2011 season (A simplification but he’ll walk you throw it on the other end of the link) he believes Brent Morel to be that player. I’d love to see it, but don’t expect it.

White Sox Talk has taken the time to put together the All-Chicago Team of the last decade. It’s a worthy read and not too surprising though I’m sure most Sox fans will throw their arms in the air upon seeing Geovany Soto at catcher over A.J. Pierzynski. I guess I never really evaluated how barren centerfield has been in this city until I saw that Aaron Rowand got the nod here. A pair of Ramirez’s (Ramiri?) on the left side of the infield join Ray Durham and Paul Konerko on the right for a solid infield. My real beef is Ted Lilly rounding out the starting 5. Plenty of quality White Sox options available there.

Reviewing The Brew expresses relief at Ryan Braun being exonerated of a failed drug test which will allow him to play the entire season for the Brewers and touches on the moral lessons learned here. I watched Braun’s press conference today and he impressed. It’s likely we will never know if he ever actually engaged in any activity that violates the MLB drug policy but he didn’t give me any reason to doubt him listening to his story. I hope his performance level stays the same or even gets better in 2012.

Call to the Pen discusses the terror that is the Tampa Bay Rays promotional department and the latest monster they’ve unleashed on the public: The Don Zimmer Teddy Bear. There was an episode of Seinfeld in which George Costanza’s girlfriend had a doll that looked exactly like his mother and it was pushing him towards the edge of sanity. The Don Zimmer Bear has that capability. Anybody with a young daughter may recognize the sinking feeling you get when looking at the Zimmer Bear as the same you get when you look one of those American Girl dolls in the eyes.