As of 6:30 Central Time – Gavin Floyd Still on Sox


Kid: Mom, can I get some gum?

Mom: No.

Kid: Mom, can we buy this gum?

Mom: No.

Kid: Mom, this gum is only 75 cents, can we get it?

Mom: No.

Kid: You bought me gum last time.

Mom: So?

Kid: and then later I let you have a piece.

Mom: No gum.

In this particular exchange, the kid is Anthony Anthopoulos, Kenny Williams is Mom and Gavin Floyd is gum. Oh and the piece given back, that’s Jason Frasor. Too much? My apologies.

Just when you thought it was safe to put the Gavin Floyd rumors to bed, they come flying right back at you. Either Jon Paul Morosi or Ken Rosenthal (I guess they are like Lennon/McCartney) are reporting that the Blue Jays are still in the Gavin Floyd trade rumor business. They are not satisfied with their current starting rotation and believe Gavin Floyd to be a nice affordable fellow to plug in. Will anything come of it? Will it be the last deal for a while between AA and KW? Can we eventually achieve a complete exchange of farm systems? That would be a sight to behold.