Some Thoughts, Some Links 3/18


Our poor old friend Carlos Quentin and his hair are going to hit the DL again, this time for a knee surgery. We’re all too familiar with TCQ’s health issues. I’ll admit it’s refreshing that he won’t be missing time for us this time, but it’s still unfortunate that he’ll once again fail to get a full healthy season under his belt.

Beyond the Boxscore has wrapped up their “Put Them in the Hall of Fame” series, finishing off with Dick Allen. Ridiculously skilled hitter with a bad reputation for someone who couldn’t play by any rules other than his own. A case is made for, you guessed it, his enshrinement in the Hall of Fame. I’ve written about Allen here before. I’m a fan and in awe of his skills, but afraid I’d stop short of the HOF.

Double Jake Peavy news! He tossed 5 no-hit innings on Saturday against the Mariners. I mean, the Mariners are an actual team so it’s still impressive. He also made mention that if he doesn’t continue to feel as good as he has recently, health-wise, that he’d be open to taking on a bullpen role. He’s talked about it before, offering to become the closer when the team was considering rolling with a 6 man rotation last season. Let’s just hope he stays healthy, pitches his innings and all this is just good old fashioned spring training babble.

Call to the Pen offers up their

2012 season preview of the Chicago White Sox. I’d say that the majority of what we’ve talked about in the last month or two here at Southside Showdown would be a 2012 season preview so I’ll let you see what Lew Freedman has to say about us.

High Heat Stats has gone to the trouble of bWAR by infield position over 5 year stretches to find who the top contributors were from 1961-2011. Upon clicking the link I was mostly excited to look at The Big Hurt’s name in lights but was also pleasantly surprised to find a certain rookie manager appear in the 3B spot. It’s a fun list and I recommend you poke around and enjoy.