Arizona Bound


When next we speak, I’ll be on West Coast time. I’ll have eschewed my usual “moderately healthy” diet for a brand new one. One that consists entirely of hot dogs, beer, vodka, tacos and In-N-Out Burger. My days will be spent in the Sun amid semi-large amounts of like minded individuals. Oh and also, I’ll be watching live White Sox baseball. I may have complained over the last few weeks about the opportunity to watch spring training games, but all that I’ve missed will be made up for as I proceed to watch 7 straight from the stands.

What do I expect to see? Adam Dunn homeruns, Alex Rios staring into space, and Robin Ventura showing very little emotion. Maybe some other things as well; like Kenny Williams in a golf cart, practice fields filled with nepotism and Gordon Beckham picking up chicks. That’s not the end of the list, but I could get carried away rather quickly here. So see you on the other side!