Sox @ Indians – Fukudome’s Revenge


After today we’ll be one time through the rotation and looking good. Right? Right. Phil Humber is a relative unknown to non-AL Central types, and even still, I don’t think the folks that know him are necessarily shaking at the thought of facing him. Nonetheless, behind Mark Buehrle (3.7bWAR), Humber was our next most valuable pitcher (3.3bWAR). Not bad for a guy basically picked up off of the scrap heap.

Tonight he’ll face off against Jeanmar Gomez, who has had a few handfuls of starts over the past 2 seasons in Cleveland and has failed to impress just yet. He’s only 24 years old so he’s got time to figure it out if the Indians are willing to give it to him let’s just hope he doesn’t get any big ideas for a while though.

White Sox Lineup:

Beckham – 2B
Rios – RF
Dunn – DH
Konerko – 1B
Fukudome – CF
Ramirez – SS
Viciedo – LF
Flowers – C
Morel – 3B

Another new lineup and also an interesting one. Gordo leading off? Whatever you say, Robin. Fukudome gets a start in CF against his former squad in place of Alejandro De Aza leaving an opening for the lead-off spot. Personally I’m probably letting Rios sit this one out rather than pushing him up to the 2 spot but my guess is the skipper knows something I don’t know.

I know many of us have had a good time poking fun of the “Appreciate the Game” slogan for the 2012 Sox, but in listening to some of the Indians radio feed during the game last night, it would appear they are going with “What If?” So if all else fails, at least we’ve got them beat there.

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