John Danks Collects First Win of the Year


Run support for John Danks! There will be no repeat of last year’s record for Johnny. The Sox certainly seem to enjoy swinging the bats at Progressive Field, cold weather be damned. This time Danks is the beneficiary and he is officially on the board with a win. Chicago tuned up Indians pitchers for 10 runs Wednesday en route to taking advantage of Mother Nature’s wrath to create a 2 game sweep of the series.

White Sox: 10
Indians: 6

The runs started early as Alejandro De Aza got on and then Brent Morel enjoyed the best possible outcome of a sac-bunt attempt: an error. The second best outcome is a foul ball. Adam Dunn added an RBI single proving that all or nothing isn’t always the case followed by a Paulie double, an appearance of the wild-pitch offense and an AJ sac fly.

John Danks wasn’t extremely sharp but was solid enough, striking out 3 but walking 5 in his 5.2 innings. He takes 4 earned runs, though the first was a bit of a gift. Asdrubal Cabrera reached on a questionable play as Kosuke Fukudome called off Gordon Beckham on a fly ball but neglected to finish off the job. He would eventually score on a wild-pitch, which Indians radio seemed to think was a passed ball.

Plus: Paul Konerko kept himself hot, going 2-3 with 2 RBIs and 2 walks. Alejandro De Aza and A.J. Pierzynski are HR buddies! They only hit them together, because that’s what HR buddies do. Both hit their 2nd of the year in the 6th.

Minus: the GIDP streak is over courtesy of a Gordon Beckham double killing in the 4th. Though, we probably didn’t hit into many double plays before because everybody was striking out so much. We managed not to get anybody to their career high in Ks today.

Ummmm: We had a special moment in which Adam Dunn reached on the world’s longest single, Paulie followed up with a singlel and AJ hit a single that obviously scored neither of his slow footed contemporaries packing the bases with 3 of the slowest men ever assembled. I wonder how many times we’ll have to look at that logjam.

Next up: Home opener on Friday. Hope to see you there!


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