Links and Thoughts Around the League – 4/12


Do you have some extra time? Because the Cincinnati Reds are handing out money. Lots of money. First Joey Votto was handed eleventy jillion dollars at the beginning of April and then Brandon Phillips, the next guy standing in the payout line, was given several more jillion. So if you’re interested in getting jillions, head down to Great American Ballpark and collect!

David Wright, the other half of that Mets duo that were certain to be the backbone of the team for a long, long time will be missing an indefinite amount of time with a pinky fracture. All bones are important. All bones in the hand are really important to hitters, but I’m sure when you have to miss time you really hope it’s for something a bit more masculine.

The season is already a week old. If you’re like me and have a good memory you may recall an interesting thing or two that happened in the first few games of the season. Or you may be like my sister who has a tendency to forget the first word of a sentence before she has time to end it. Good, bad, and memories that fall somewhere in between would nonetheless do well to check out Ben Lindbergh’s new things from week one. There are gifs!

Ever wonder what it would be like to play for the Baltimore Orioles? Robert Andino highly suggests you don’t find out. Looks fun, right?

Chipper Jones started off his farewell tour and return from the DL in style. Here’s to hoping Chipper has a productive and successful final season.

I’m going to be honest, I really kind of wanted Yoenis Cespedes in a White Sox uniform. Nobody knew for sure how he’d perform but it was kind of assumed he’d be exciting based on those promotional videos of his. And let’s face it, if Gordon Beckham and Jason Heyward keep developing in the wrong direction I’m about to be in serious need of replacement man-crushes. When he’s not mashing balls into the Oakland night, he’s making sound PR decisions and keeping the heck out of the whole Ozzie/Castro catastrophe. I’m telling you, he seems like a winner!

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