Going for the Sweep


The White Sox have a chance to upset the baseball world’s perception of the AL Central by sweeping the Detroit Tigers out of the Cell in their first series of the season. Last season, the Tigers finished the season matchup with sweeps of the Sox both at Comerica and at U.S. Cellular Field. They’ll attempt the sweep in style, strutting out in their 1972 throwback Sunday home uniforms for the first time this season.

Despite some slow starts at the plate from a few position players, the Sox have ridden the strength of strong pitching performances from the staff as well as the bullpen. Today Chris Sale will head to the hill and try to build off of his successful debut as a starter last week in Cleveland. The Tigers will start Rick Porcello, a ground ball pitcher that will be tempting fate each time he goes out with a left side of the infield that is guarded by Miguel Cabrera and Jhonny Peralta.

Today’s Lineup:

1.De Aza – CF
2.Morel – 3B
3.Dunn – 1B
4.Paulie – DH
5.AJ – C
6.Alexei – SS
7.Fukudome – RF
8.Viciedo – LF
9.Escobar – 2B

Eduardo Escobar gets the start today at 2B, and Kosuke Fukudome in RF. I think we’ve seen that Robin is very willing to keep mixing the lineup without it meaning anything beyond the day at hand. Both Rios and Beckham are off to slow starts but they will most certainly have a few more weeks worth of starts to turn it around before they have to worry about their names not being in the everyday lineup. Prepare to hear the Hawk moan about Sox killers, Brandon Inge has been removed from the DL and will be in the lineup as DH. What’s that? Let the Inge Worm play 3rd and DH Cabrera? Don’t be silly. .

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