Bounce Back Attempt


There are many things that Hawk Harrelson will tell you, whether you ask or not, over and over and over again. Whether or not you can hit in the big leagues without being able to hit the breaking ball. That these days, it is the battle of the bullpen. That each team is going to win 60 and lose 60, it’s what you do with those extra 42 that matters. That last, it helps put things into perspective a bit. A game was lost. A game that clearly should have been won, but nonetheless, just one game. So now we see how the team bounces back from last night’s effort in game 2 against the O’s.

John Danks hasn’t pitched great so far, but hasn’t been alarmingly bad and tonight he has a chance to improve his start against Wei Yin Chen, an old teammate of Kosuke Fukudome on the Chunichi Dragons. Chen is a “location” pitcher who relies on hitting his spots to get hitters out. It’s important that the Sox allow him an opportunity to not hit those spots before lifting those bats too often and letting the O’s bullpen rest.

Today’s Lineup:

1.De Aza
2.Brent Morel

Offense is going to have to be achieved, and achieved without relying on Baltimore to hand it to us in the form of poor defensive play. The Sox were only in a position to win last night because the Orioles allowed them to be.

Being that Chen is not known as a “stuff” guy, let’s see if we can’t get Gordon Beckham off the schneid in this one.

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