The Night the Rallies Died


John Danks was once again just adequate and the way this team is hitting, adequate just won’t get you wins. Though he went 7 and allowed just 3 runs the Sox once again fell victim to back to back homeruns and lost for the second consecutive night to the Baltimore Orioles.

Orioles: 3
White Sox: 2

Not many people came to watch the rallies die at the cell Tuesday night. According to Jim Margalus of Southside Sox, the attendance was the lowest White Sox attendance since they drew 10,520 and 10,800 in back-to-back games April 6-7, 2005. Anyway, about those dead rallies:

In the 6th: TOOTBLAN. Alex Rios Thrown Out On The Bases Like A Nincompoop to kill a rally in the 6th with A.J. Pierzynski left on third.

In the bottom of the 7th, after a triple by Alejandro De Aza, Sox radio announcer Ed Farmer proclaimed, “Sox can take the lead if Morel goes yard here.” What followed was an involuntary, inappropriately loud laugh/guffaw which must have come from me as I was the only person in the vicinity. Morel is a man that appreciates my humor and obliged with a K.

In the 9th, it was Alex’s turn to be left on third. After he walked, the decision was made to hand over an out to move him to second, meaning an Alexei Ramirez bunt. A fielding error on a Viciedo ground ball moved Rios into third. A well earned De Aza walk would eventually load the bases for…Brent Morel. Pinch hit? I don’t think so. And back to .500 we go.

Plus: One thing you have to give Gordon Beckham credit for, in addition to his usual nice glove work at second, is his nose for the ball and always backing up first base. It seems like a simple thing but it seems to be a saving act much more often that it should.

Minus: The management handbook will tell you to give a compliment before you dole out any criticisms. Gordon Beckham has got to do something at the plate. If we have to continue to watch him walk slowly to the plate and walk with even less pep back to the dugout 4 times a day it’s going to be a long, long summer.


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