Today’s Lineup, Plus Complaints


A short list of grievances I’d like to air prior to lineup post:

Alexei Ramirez is one of the team’s better hitters, which may not say a ton in a lineup with underwhelming production thus far. Using his AB to hand outs over just to move Alex Rios from first to second, that’s not an efficient move. It bothers me…a lot.

Brent Morel has been brutal at the plate. According to Mark Gonzales this is due in part to Brent’s ability to lay down a sacrifice bunt. He can lay down a bunt at any spot in the lineup, the 2 spot means he gets an extra at-bat each game. As it would turn out, you’d do well not to give the guy hitting .118 an extra AB if you’re insistent on keeping him in the lineup.

The team is 7 for 10 in stolen bases so far. That would seem good but 1 was a Tyler Flowers (1 for 1) steal basically granted by pitching not paying him any mind on first and 2 more from Brent Lillibridge (2 for 2) who may be the only guy that deserves a standing green light. Removing those, 4 for 10. The negatives outweight the positives there. Given, this is a small sample as are any statements made this early in the year using stats, but last season the Sox swiped bases at a 53% success rate. Well below the breakeven point. If you don’t have the guys that can go and cost the team anything, just don’t send them.

Today’s lineup:

1.Alejandro De Aza – CF
2.Brent Morel – 3B
3.Adam Dunn – DH
4.Paul Konerko – 1B
5.A.J. Pierzynski – C
6.Alex Rios – RF
7.Kosuke Fukedome – LF
8.Alexei Ramirez – SS
9.Gordon Beckham – 2B

Peavy back on the mound. In his 2 starts, both against formidable lineups Peavy pitched well enough for a couple wins. Perhaps he’s the guy to cool out these Oriole hitters and keep the ball in the park.

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