Hangover Game – Sunday Lineup @ Mariners


A perfect game is certainly cause for celebration. What did the team do to congratulate Philip Humber on his date with history? I’m not sure, but I think we can take solace in the fact that Humber seems a calm, down to earth fellow. Considering how the trajectory of the White Sox changed following Mark Buehrle’s perfect game in July of 2009, I sincerely hope somebody was there to remind the delirious celebrants to keep their eye on the prize.

John Danks will step to the mound as the ace of the team without a chance of upstaging the team’s fifth starter. What he can do is complete the sweep of the Mariners for today’s 3:05 central time start at Safeco Field.

Today’s Lineup:

1.Lillibridge – LF
2.Alexei – SS
3.Dunn – 1B
4.Konerko – DH
5.AJ – C
6.Rios – RF
7.Fukudome – CF
8.Morel – 3B
9.Gordo – 2B

A little switch up but nothing we haven’t already seen this year. I find it curious that when De Aza sits Robin opts to put Kosuke in center rather than Lilli or Rios. It’s not a big deal, just curious.

Something I noticed on the last play of the game yesterday, as AJ threw to first to complete the perfecto. We talk about how often Gordon Beckham is in the right spot to back up on the play on the field and how often it pays off. Well it didn’t matter yesterday but if you notice as he charges in for the dog pile as it all ended, he was coming right down the line. From the spot he was standing to back up the play, a play that could have in no way be anticipated in the midst of what had to be a highly nerve racking at-bat for all players on the field. So once again, bravo Gordo, on a job well done at second base.

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