April Down, Come What May


The month of April didn’t go so badly. For a team that was picked by many outlets to finish dead last in a division that isn’t all that formidable to begin with, April didn’t go so badly at all. Going into tonight’s game, the White Sox sit right at .500. Depending on how you look at it, that’s encouraging or disheartening. A small handful of games, including a couple of heartbreaking extra innings losses and a Jake Peavy complete game loss this weekend against the Red Sox stand out as games that should have been won. Every game counts, and it’s disheartening to have given them up. But even having lost them, it’s encouraging that we still have a place in the standings only a single game behind the division leading Cleveland Indians. Who, incidentally, are in Chicago for a 3 game series. If all goes according to Ventura and Co.’s plan, the Sox will be headed up to Detroit Thursday night with sole possession of the top spot in the AL Central, primed to distance themselves from the Tigers, who were very nearly crowned division champions in March.

May’s journey begins with Chris Sale on the mound. Chris Sale falls in line with the rest of the starting pitching staff under the category of “so far so good.” Chris has transferred his strikeout inducing “stuff” from the bullpen to the starting rotation rather successfully. As James Fegan wrote this morning, his starts are becoming appointment viewing, giving a White Sox fan base the high strikeout pitcher that they’ve been longing for. If you haven’t read the article, go back and read, but please, pretty pretty please disregard the Jason Bere comp if you have a weak stomach.

Tonight’s Lineup:

1.De Aza

The Indians have finalized their strange Johnny Damon signing. Strange in the stipulation that when and if Grady Sizemore comes back, Johnny has the right to walk away from the Indians no questions asked. I’ve never heard of such an escape clause but leave it to Scott Boras, I suppose. In any event, as I understand it he will be joining the team and may even be in the lineup.

Ubaldo Jimenez is on the mound for Cleveland. He’s certainly been hittable so far this year striking out batters at a much lower rate than he has for the rest of his career. Getting to him now before he turns that around is highly recommended.

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