Case of the Mondays


2 games, 2 losses. Not the start to the week the Sox were looking for. In game one Philip Humber had another poor outing in game 1 giving up 8 runs in his 2.1 innings. But that made way for the major league debut of Jose Quintana who delivered 5.2 scoreless surrendering only a single hit. Quintana held the line long enough for the Sox to pose a threat late putting up 2 runs in the 9th but still falling short.

Game 2 saw Josh Tomlin handle us like it was his job again. Well, I mean, it is his job. And he does it well. Eric Stults battled with Tomlin and by the time the game was delayed in the 8th, a pitcher’s duel score of 2-1 waited for the resumption. Prior to the tarp being dragged out, the game went on in the rain just long enough for the Sox to put a pair of runners on with 1 out. When the tarp came off, Alex Rios stroked a single to right field scoring De Aza. Adam Dunn followed with a DP to put an end to any additional scoring and the bottom the 8th would start as a tie.

After having waited out the rain delay to tie the game, The Sox decided that losing was preferable after all. Matt Thornton and his long list of pitches to choose from gave up a few hits and enabled the Indians to plate the go-ahead run and that would prove to be enough.

Plus: Unexpected pitching! Mr. Quintana and Mr. Stults! I wasn’t a fan of Stults being the guy making the start but he came in and did what he was asked to do. I might be crazy (well I am crazy but I might be crazier) but Stults on the mound looks a bit like Jake Peavy from the left side with his movements.

Minus: Matt Thornton is becoming a problem of Linebrink proportions.

You should all be extremely proud of me for keeping off of the Quintana/Lebowski references because it was extremely difficult.

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