Wrappin’ it Up Against the Indians – Lineups for 5/9


I might be a sucker but if the Sox come out of Cleveland having won these last two I’ll be satisfied. Mostly because at this point it’s the best I can hope for. Jake Peavy will again strut his stuff out there and try to put the team in a position to get a W. The rest of the effort:

1.De Aza – CF
2.Gordo – 2B
3.Dunn – DH
4.Paulie – 1B
5.AJ – C
6.Rios – RF
7.Alexei – SS
8.Viciedo – LF
9.Morel Escobar – 3B (sore back for Morel)

Last night could have been much more frustrating than it was, but with Alex Rios to the rescue (if I get too used to saying that he’ll make me pay, I know it) we now have a shot at a split. And considering how this series started, that ain’t so bad.

The young Jeanmar Gomez will start for Cleveland. We’ve seen him this year for a couple of innings and he struck out 3 without giving up a hit. Don’t expect that to keep up, not without a lineup full of Brents (which one am I taking the jab at?!!?).

Judging by how many times we’ve already faced the Indians this year, once we wrap up this series we shouldn’t be due to match up again until 2015.

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