Saturday Evening Lineup at Wrigley


As you may have guessed, Paul Konerko is not in the lineup today, nor will he be tomorrow and beyond that is up for debate. Word on the street is that his left eye is swollen shut. Can’t hit what you can’t see.

Pitchers that don’t know how to win will be facing off on the mound. John Danks, as we already know has carried the reputation for years, though this season he’s done very little to earn the wins. Ryan Dempster is currently 0-1 despite being second in the national league in ERA.

Today’s Lineup

1.De Aza – CF
2.Gordo – 2B
3.Big Donkey – 1B
4.Dayan – LF
5.AJ – C
6.Rios – RF
7.Alexei – RF
8.Escobar – 3B
9.Danks – P

Brent Morel will sit once again and the disabled list may be a possibility for him. Last time a Sox third baseman was performing well below the expectations and hit the DL the Sox went on a serious win strike. Of course, Teahen’s trip to recovery also coincided with interleague play. Interleague is typically kind to the White Sox. It will be an interesting discussion to determine who will come fill that roster vacancy should Morel in fact get a DL stint. We’ll save that for another day. For today, we have 2 active players that are unavailable in a National League rules game. That means John Danks had better have his good stuff to go deep in the game or we will be seeing some awkward at-bats from Matt Thornton and company.

Well I’m sure it was an interesting discussion but it’s one that’s already been had. Orlando Hudson is to sign with the White Sox, according to Peter Gammons.