Lineups for Game 3 @ Wrigley


Jake Peavy delivered his only clunker of the year Tuesday afternoon against the Tigers. He’s gotten it out of his system, now back to business. This afternoon he’ll try and lead the Southsiders to a sweep of the city’s other baseball team, in their own home no less. He’ll do so with the comfort of knowing that the bats are working pretty well behind him. Today’s bats:

1.De Aza – CF
2.Gordo – 2B
3.Big Donkey – 1B
4.Dayan – LF
5.Alexei – SS
6.Fukudome – RF
7.Flowers – C
8.Lillibridge – 3B
9.Peavy – P

Peavy, who was actually a pretty good hitter in his National League days will have an opportunity to swing the bat. He also once injured himself running the bases against these very Cubs. Take it easy, Jake. Speaking of, two days have passed since Peavy was jawing heavily at the Cubs after Paul Konerko was hit in the head by a Jeff Samardzija pitch. That should be enough time for Jake to calm himself and just focus on the game.

Eduardo Escobar won’t be today’s Morel fill-in, that honor will go to the little fella Brent Lillibridge. Brent is having trouble duplicating his 2011 effort but he hasn’t had a ton of playing time to try either. Kosuke Fukudome will get a chance to play in the place he called home for his first 3 and half years in the majors. Let’s just hope those terrible t-shirts don’t make an appearance.