The Curse of the Twins is Alive and Well


Alright Sox fans, I’m going to make this post short and sweet. Mainly because I’m still disgusted at the performance the Sox gave against Minnesota tonight. The Sox came in, fresh off of a big sweep of the Cubs this past weekend, at .500 and only a few games out of first. This series against the Twins would be theirs to lose (with the Twins posting the worst record in baseball and the games being held at home) but the familiar stench of failure against Minnesota would linger around 35th and Shields once again.

Gavin Floyd had a rough night giving up 9 runs on 8 hits while only working 3.2 innings, hitting one and walking three. It was vintage Gavin Floyd, working slow and putting men on base.

The Sox bats were virtually silent against Minnesota’s starting pitcher P.J. Walters, who threw a complete game, only giving up two runs. This is nothing new for Sox fans, we’re all familiar with our struggles against the Twins. In typical fashion, we couldn’t hit against them, our fundamentals paled in comparison to theirs (as our defense struggled) and they robbed us of numerous base hits. I’m convinced we could put the Twins uniforms on a 4th grade team and they would give our Sox a run for their money.

A bright spot in tonight’s game was the Homerun by Gordon Beckham. It was also nice to see Paulie back in action, although his defense was uncharacteristically off (most likely a testament to that swollen eye).

Like I said Sox fans, short and sweet, it was tough to watch this one tonight and even tougher to write about it. Hopefully we can bounce back and salvage this series at home against a terrible Minnesota Twins team.