Good Old Fashioned Pitching Duel? – Lineups 6/1


How’s about another sweep? The last time that the Sox faced the Mariners, it was a sweep. The last time the Sox played anybody it was a sweep. So why not now? Why not another?

In order to have a sweep of this weekend’s series, first Sox hitters have to find a way to beat Felix Hernandez. On the trip to Seattle in April, the scheduling gods were smiling and allowed the series to take place without an appearance from King Felix. This time they’re not so lucky. Hernandez is currently 4-4 for a not-so-hot Mariners team and brings a 3.17 ERA into the game. His strikeout, walk and homerun rates are pretty solidly consistent from years past, so rest assured; the Sox are facing the real deal tonight.

The Sox will hold up their end of fight card by sending Jake Peavy to the mound. Jake had a rough outing against Cleveland his last start, though he earned the win. If the weather stays relatively cool and damp as it’s been all day in the Chicago area, the conditions will be conducive to the pitching duel we are expecting.

Tonight’s Lineup:

1.De Aza – CF
2.Beckham – 2B
3.Dunn – DH
4.Konerko – 1B
5.Rios – RF
6.AJ – C
7.Viciedo – LF
8.Ramirez – SS
9.Hudson – 3B

This whole Paul Konerko regression to the mean nonsense has gone about as far as I’d like to see it go. A return to the how-the-heck-does-he-do-it Paulie of the pre-Tampa trip would please me greatly by making another appearance.

Aside from a stern talking to from Bud Selig, it doesn’t look like Hawk Harrelson will receive any punishment for his long rant on Wednesday that was deemed excessively defamatory towards MLB umpires. He’ll be re-joined in the booth by Steve Stone tonight. See ya next time, Wimpy!