Jorge Soler a White Sox fit?


The newest craze in baseball is grabbing a young Cuban star. Now that Jorge Soler is a free agent expect the bidding to be high. The White Sox have been successful in obtaining Cuban players. Jose Contreras had a successful run with the team and Alexei Ramirez and Dayan Viceido have become intricate parts of the current squad. Where does that leave the Sox when it comes to Soler?

Soler is a large slugger. He stands in at 6-foot-4, 225lbs. His athletic frame allows him to play center field now but he could develop into more of a corner outfielder. The White Sox expressed interest in the 20 year old in the past but they may change if more teams become involved.

Oakland has set the current market by signing fellow phenom Yoenis Cespedes to a four-year $36 million deal just a couple months ago. Given Cespedes’ talent and production thus far that might seem like a steal allowing for a bigger market for Soler. Kenny Williams is not the kind of GM to get into a bidding war with anybody. Soler’s agents have already put out notices to all MLB teams indicating they are open for business.

This puts the White Sox in a difficult spot. Rumors put the team in the market to add payroll given the team’s current success but should they put the money towards the future instead? If you can get Soler for around $50 million over four years it could be a bargain willing to go after.