Move Along, Nothing to Sweep Here


Jake Peavy had a rough second inning, the only frame in which he allowed runs but labored through most of evening needing 117 pitches to get through 6 innings. Alex Rios would come to the rescue, tagging his old team for a 2-run, game tying homer that just barely squeaked (stretch!) over the fence in front of the left field bullpen. And then the O-Dog came through in the 9th with a single up the middle for a White Sox walk off winner!

Blue Jays (30-27): 3
White Sox (32-25): 4

Hudson, who was the subject of some frustration from me earlier in the day as I wondered just what in the heck he is doing here, was a big part of the game tonight, for better or worse. A couple balls sent his way, balls that could have been fielded, including one that resulted in two runs during the long 2nd inning. In the 8th, with two outs and a Yunel Escobar on third, a ball was lined over Hudson’s way. He fielded and inexplicably threw home to AJ as he tagged Escobar for the out. Obviously, with two down in the inning, the simpler play would be to go to first for the force and no harm no foul since the out was made, but that could have created one heck of an outrage against Project O-Dog on the hot corner.

The win seems pretty amazing if you were watching the early innings where it appeared that the White Sox offense had already made up its mind to stop the scoring at 1 for the evening. The Alex Rios blast shook them out of the funk, and enabled Orlando Hudson’s redeeming walk-off. The lead is back to a game and a half in the central after Cleveland dropped a game to Detroit earlier in the day.

Omar Vizquel was very Omar Vizquel-ish at second base, making a beautiful hit-robbing diving play. I was upset at the time, I wanted some runs, I may have said some unkind things. Sorry Omar, we still love you.

Plus: Paul Konerko is back! He celebrated his return by going 2-3. He’s pretty good, you guys. Also the MLB debut for Jordan Danks, even if he did get doubled off of first on a lined shot to David Cooper (not Jordan’s fault).

Minus: Jake’s second inning was sloppy, he had a hard time throwing strikes, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. The defense seemed to have taken a nap and definitely put some extra pitches on the count by failing to make plays they would ordinarily handle with relative ease.

Tipping Point