Bobby Jenks Booted from Boston


Remember when the Sox let Bobby Jenks go and so many people were all up in arms about having no closer? This was before the Sox traded away Sergio Santos and everybody got all up in arms about having no closer. Well Santos has pitched in 6 games this season (with a 9.00 ERA) for Toronto and Bobby Jenks, as we know, hasn’t exactly been Captain active roster either. Now the Red Sox have decided to just be rid of him altogether.

After signing a 2-year, $12 million contract prior to the 2011 season, Bobby ran into some health issues and only appeared in 19 games. He’s posted a 6.32 ERA over that time and currently sits on the 60-day DL. Presumably Boston started eyeing ways to dismiss the hefty righty about the time he was arrested for a DUI in March of this year during Spring Training. How the settlement will be reached is beyond my area of expertise (an easy out as I have no actual expertise) but one would assume a buyout would be in order.

We enjoyed you on the Southside, Bobby, it’s a shame to see it all come to an end this way.