Carlos Quentin the Detroit Tiger?


Jon Morosi has tweeted this morning that the Tigers have interest in trading for Carlos Quentin.

A question for the ladies: How badly do you miss Carlos Quentin’s pretty face?

A question for everybody: How badly do you miss Carlos Quentin’s ridiculously full head of hair?

A question for those who focus strictly on the baseball: How would you like to have Carlos Quentin’s 1.463 OPS wreaking havoc on Sox pitchers for the rest of the year?

Quentin has been on an absolute tear for the Padres since returning from the DL late last month. He’s played in 12 games this year, has 5 HR and shows a .421/.542/.921 line. That’s pretty ridiculous to the naked eye. To the seasoned Sox fan, however, it’s one of those Carlos Quentin hot streaks that usually subsides with a nagging injury that causes serious pop-up-itis and ends with a trip back to the disabled list. The question is are the Tigers willing to roll the dice? What do they have to offer a Padres team that isn’t going anywhere this year, or maybe even next?

One thing I can tell you for sure is that I have no desire to see TCQ in a Tigers uniform, just based on being a fan of the guy. Add that with having to face Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder and Carlos Quentin all in a row and I think I could get a little sick.

Carlos is playing on a 1 year contract, an arbitration avoidance, that earns him over $7M for the year. It’s up for debate whether or not the Padres would choose to re-sign him if they don’t elect to move him by the trade deadline.