B-Squad Sundays – Lineups 6/17


Sunday is becoming a day of screwing with the lineup. The typical schedule of a day game following a night game has a lot to do with it, but it seems like Ventura has been eager to run the “B” squad out on Sunday afternoons to serve on behalf of the usual 9. Jose Quintana will be the recipient of the secondary talent, but luckily for him, the folks in the field are solid enough defensive crew. If he can keep his magic act up, they should even be able to scrape a few across against Dodgers successful reclamation project Chris Capuano. Chris is on pace to have his first winning season since 2005 when he won 18 games for the Brewers. Between his resurgence and Quintana’s tightrope walking, we could be looking at an unexpected pitching duel.

Today’s lineup:

1.Lillibridge – 3B
2.Gordo – 2B
3.Big Donkey – 1B
4.Viciedo – LF
5.Rios – RF
6.Jordan Danks – CF
7.Flowers – C
8.Escobar – SS

What stands in the way of a pitching duel, in addition to performance, is the short leash Quintana has. He is yet to throw more than 6 innings in any game so it should be interesting to see if Ventura is willing to push him a little further in order to give the bullpen a breather, especially considering Zach Stewart will be making the start tomorrow. The Sox skipper has stated that Gavin Floyd will be available to come in and eat some innings if need be. That should come as a relief to nobody except the Dodgers, and if that scenario plays out, Sale’s Friday start will move back to Wednesday.