Jake Peavy had a rough 3rd inning, and that’s pretty much it..."/> Jake Peavy had a rough 3rd inning, and that’s pretty much it..."/>

Another Peavy Gem Wasted


Jake Peavy had a rough 3rd inning, and that’s pretty much it, locking in to the point of retiring 16 batters in a row for one stretch after that. Unfortunately the Sox offense never really put anything together against Travis Wood and the two runs Peavy surrendered early were enough. The loss seals the 5th straight series that the White Sox failed to win and also makes them losers of 10 out of their last 14. The Indians haven’t had much better of a time a time over the past couple weeks either and despite this rough stretch for the pale hose, they only just finally overtook first place from the Sox with a win over the Reds.

Cubs (24-44): 2
White Sox (35-33): 1

The interleague woes continue. Looking at the schedule at the top of the month I just couldn’t wait until we got back on the interleague stretch and continued our winning ways. Now I look at the schedule and wonder if we’ll ever make it out alive. The pitching doesn’t click, and when it does, the hitters don’t hit. Jake Peavy gets saddled with yet another tough luck loss on a night where he went all 9 and allowed only 1 earned run.

Opportunities were squandered, most notably when the bases were left loaded in the 2nd, but for the most part, the Sox never really threatened. 4 hits amassed against 5 different Cubs pitchers over the course of the game. It’s getting pretty ugly.

Plus: Again, Jake Peavy strutting his stuff. He needed 125 pitches to get through this one and should have been rewarded with the win. Obviously he wasn’t, but his performance shouldn’t be overlooked.

Minus: The whole offense. It’s atrocious. You can’t win games if you can’t score runs. To make matters worse, it’s against a less than dominant Cubs pitching staff. Beating up on the bad teams has been an issue for the Sox for quite a few years. It appears this season is no different.