Liriano Once Again Stumps the Sox


The White Sox once again fail to get a win for Jake Peavy. He didn’t go the full distance, he didn’t hold the Twins to just one run, but he did achieve a quality start. 3 runs allowed on 6 innings pitched and he also struck out 7. Francisco Liriano did allow just one run and he managed that over the span of 7 innings. There will be no winning streak today, as the Sox drop the series opener to Minnesota.

White Sox (38-35): 1
Twins (30-42): 4

Before Monday night’s game, Francisco Liriano had just come off of his best start of 2012. When he wakes up Tuesday morning, Francisco Liriano will have just come off of his best start of 2012. The Sox bring it out of guys, I guess. At some point the offense will come around but it sure is tiresome to watch pitcher’s have their game of the year against the White Sox. Hits were at a premium for the visitors, Alexei Ramirez provided a pair, as did Alex Rios. Kevin Youkilis picked up his first hit for Chicago, going 1-4 on the night. And that was it from an offensive standpoint, just those 5 hits. Nothing to see here.

Peavy didn’t pitch poorly but was reaching a bit at times. In the 1st, he dove to try and make a play on a bunt in the first but couldn’t convert. To bookend his overzealous attempted heroics Peavy fielded a Jamey Carroll grounder in the 6th and opted to attempt a throw to second to throw behind the lead runner, Drew Butera, who had doubled to get there. Everybody was safe on that play as well. He may have been a touch over-amped, but he also pitched the Twins tough, there were definitely some well-placed as opposed to well-hit balls that yielded baserunners. He put his team in a position to win but the offense just once again couldn’t come through.

Plus: Peavy keeping the good outings going. In his last 3 starts, he has gone 22 innings, allowed 5 earned runs total, and has 3 losses.

Minus: Offense. Where is it?