Kevin Youkilis is Player of the Week


I tend to not pay too much attention to player/pitcher of the week honors. I’ve likened them in the past to getting perfect attendance certificates in grade school. Pretty cool but a week is just a week and every major leaguer gets hot at some point so just what does it all mean? In fact, the White Sox have had a few in 2012, two for Paul Konerko and one for Philip Humber, but I haven’t really felt compelled to mention it.

This one is different. Kevin Youkilis, in his first week playing in his new home field, has won American League Player of the Week. Why is this one so different? Well, I just said it: in his first week playing in his new home field, Kevin Youkilis has won Player of the Week. Apologies to Brent Lillibridge, but Kevin Youkilis was acquired for next to nothing, having been all but abandoned by the Red Sox after a season that started with injuries and low productivity. Since joining the White Sox it has been a completely different story, and a .478, 3 HR, 10 RBI week has earned him what I imagine is a nice certificate with a gold border and Bud Selig’s signature on the bottom.

Most trades take time to mature. A little time to see how guys settle into their new homes, see how the younger pieces develop. Time may turn the tide of this one a bit, but early returns are clear. The White Sox absolutely robbed the Red Sox in trading for Kevin Youkilis. Can’t wait to see what he does when the White Sox visit Fenway.