American League Loses All-Star Game, but How Did the White Sox Players Do?


No home field advantage for the American League. The contest to determine that fact wasn’t all that compelling. The NL jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the first and never looked back. The National League would ultimately win by a score of 8-0.

But how did the White Sox representatives do?

Both Paul Konerko and Chris Sale entered the game in the top of the 6th. Sale pitched over a minor misplay by Ian Kinsler to pitch a scoreless inning. He officially allowed 2 hits (one of which was the Kinsler play) and struck out one batter. Konerko came up to bat in the bottom half of the inning and was hit by a pitch. 0-0 for the White Sox captain.

Jake Peavy, the late addition to the team never got into the game at all. Take Jake, then don’t take Jake, then they take Jake after all but really they never took Jake off of the bench. You know who else never got off the bench? Adam Dunn. Rendering him unable to fulfill my fantasy of a 9-run HR. In the 9th, a perfect opportunity to get the Big Donkey an AB, Ron Washington passed and let Matt Wieters make the final out (could have been a walk-off 9-run HR!).

Does it matter? Does it really matter? Rangers and Cardinals fans would tell you that it does. 2011 home field advantage may have helped to decide who won the World Series. It can’t be proven but it can’t be disproved either. When the 2012 Series rolls around, it will be a National League park hosting the majority of the games…if it goes 7.