Another Dominican Youngster Joins White Sox System


Players are scouted in the Dominican Republic from an early age and quite often they are training non-stop for the sole purpose of a chance to be signed by a major league team once they are old enough. The minimum age for MLB teams to sign is 16. On Monday, Hanley Otano celebrated his 16th birthday, and already his dream has begun. The White Sox have made yet another splash in the international market by signing the 6-4, 200 pound Dominican. Yes, 6’4, 200…at 16 years old. That size clearly puts him in corner outfield territory moving forward.

Though the size was surely a factor in what made Otano attractive to the organization, it could be his downfall. Kids his age are still growing, and he could potential add another 3 or 4 inches to his height by the time he’s done. Another 3 inches for Otano and he may be too tall to be an effective big league hitter. A rare few of such stature are able to keep the swing quick enough to survive.

The international signing period began on July 2nd and Otano is the third player signed by the White Sox following the signings of Luis Castillo (3B) and Johan Cruz (SS).