Let’s Get Circular!


The rotation for the White Sox vs. the Tigers this week is no longer “set.” It depends on how Gavin Floyd feels. If he’s able, Floyd will be making the start on Wednesday. Again, it depends on how he feels. So let’s say he feels like it, “sure, Skip, I’ll come out there and throw for a few.” Great! Now, what happens to Francisco Liriano, who was slated to make the start? He moves over to Friday. Maybe. Unless! Unless the bullpen needs some help in the next couple days. If they do, Liriano is available to pitch out of the ‘pen.

There are those that feel that Liriano is not the guy that should give up his start, maybe even that he’s the more effective pitcher when pitted against Gavin Floyd. It’s a valid thought, he might be these days. There are others who would counter with Floyd’s career stats against Detroit: 7-2 with a 3.42 ERA in 19 starts. 19 games would be enough to supress sample size issues, ordinarily, but when those starts are spread out over the course of 6 seasons, it doesn’t mean as much. The Tigers team he could potentially face on Wednesday is not the same team he’s faced every other time. Point is, neither pitcher has been great, and it’s hard to say who has the higher likelihood of being great in what may, at the time, be the most important game of the season. To a certain extent, it’s just a roll of the dice.

So Gavin Floyd might start. Or he might not. Liriano could start Wednesday or he could be in the bullpen or he could start Friday. Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s go ahead and see what happens.