2013 White Sox Schedule Released


The 2013 season schedule has been tentatively released and after a couple years of opening on the road, Opening Day will once again occur at U.S. Cellular Field on April 1. Though the White Sox may be in trouble as it will be against the troublesome Royals.

No longer will there be the 6 games with the intra-city rival Cubs. In my opinion the “rivalry” is a bit tired and 6 games is overkill. MLB has accommodated me (yes, me) and adjusted the format so that 2013 will have just 4 games against the Cubs. A 2 game set in Wrigley May 27 & 28 followed by a 2 game set back at The Cell May 29 & 30.

For those who are interested in such things, Ozzie Guillen will be in town May 24-26 with the Marlins as the Sox are slated to take on the National League East to fulfill their interleague obligations. The other NL visitor to the Southside will be the Braves from July 19-21. Trips to Washington (April 9-11), New York (May 7-9) and Philadelphia (July 12-14) will take care of the road end.

With the Astros moving to the American League there are no longer even numbers in each circuit so there will have to be interleague games occurring throughout the year, instead of condensed into a designated time period as it has been in the past.