Paul Konerko Undergoes Wrist Surgery


Paul Konerko no longer has loose bodies floating around in his wrist. If you weren’t already aware, Konerko had been playing with the issue of a “loose body” in his wrist for some time, and earlier in the season had a procedure done to shift it to an area that would less affect his ability to play. Whether or not that was effective is questionable. Konerko claims that the loose body did not bother him in any way beyond when it first arrived leading up to the procedure, but he was not the same player in 2012 after. It could also be argued that nobody could have maintained the pace Paulie was setting in the first two months of the season anyway…and that would be fair.

Konerko underwent surgery on Thursday afternoon in order to remove the loose body, is expected to make a full recovery and should be ready to go by Spring Training.