Steve Stone is 100% Returning to White Sox


There were rumblings of a booth shakeup immediately after the season ended. The rumblings were based in “not much” at first, a tone of voice used by Steve Stone when appearing on a radio show. Then things got a bit more realistic when the Arizona Diamondbacks decided to part ways with announcers Mark Grace and Daron Sutton after a combination of a Mark Grace DUI and, of all things, a wardrobe dispute. Steve Stone was reportedly on the Diamondbacks wish list, along with Chicago Cubs color man Bob Brenly as possible replacements, further fueling the fire.

Now something a little more concrete: a statement from the man himself on the Mulley & Hanley Show:

"“I plan to stay with the Chicago White Sox through this contract and hopefully beyond."

Stone added that he was 100% with this, which should allow us to put it to bed.

I mused on Twitter when all the announcer shuffling were going on that perhaps while everybody was changing things up we could get Len Kasper in the White Sox booth. This wasn’t received well by Sox fans; at least, not by the ones that chose to speak up on the matter. Which brings up a point, Hawk won’t be there forever. Is there an announcer that works for another team currently that you could see or would like to see replace him when the time comes? A player former perhaps? A.J. Pierzynski?