Ray Olmedo Sent Packing


Not the domino that is going to get all the rest going, but the White Sox have made a move towards improving their 2013 team. Ray Olmedo has been outrighted off of the 40 man roster, making him a minor league free agent. You weren’t going to use that anyway. (Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE)

Olmedo had 42 plate appearances in 2012 for the White Sox, his first major league look since 2007 with the Blue Jays. He put up a .244/.244/.293 line and wasn’t making himself anybody’s favorite. Shouts of, “not a major leaguer!” could be heard every time Olmedo stepped on to the field. In all likelihood he will never be one again. If the folks that run major league teams have any sense, that is.

So long, Ray. It’s been…something.