Who Needs Nepotism?


In the last week Rick Hahn has been making the rounds with the media. He’s been explaining his new job, his old job, Kenny William’s new job, Kenny’s old job which is kind of Rick’s new job but not really. It’s all very unclear and the question has certainly been raised: what makes the new boss any different than the old boss? Now a move that seems almost like a decoy, a move planned just in order to tell us, “See, this is not Kenny Williams running the show anymore! Would he do this?!”

No kidding is right. Not only did Rick Hahn trade away the former General Manager’s son, but he did so in exchange for the son of Rockies former Manager Jim Tracy, who resigned at the conclusion of the 2012 season. It’s a bit of a head scratcher as the purpose of it is unclear. Personally I’m picturing some Cosby Show type lesson that KW is trying to teach his son for failing to follow some basic rule.

Mark Tracy will be entering his age 25 season as is yet to crack High A Ball. Williams, entering his age 27 season in 2013, spent the last 2 seasons at AA Birmingham but hasn’t shown anything to lead even the most optimistic folks to believe he’ll sniff out the majors at any point. With neither player looking likely to impact the Major Leagues, the trade could just be a precursor to them being cut at a later date without any sentimental ties.