Appreciating Gavin Floyd’s value [Infographic]


I’ve been messing around with Piktochart the past few days, and while it’s early in the familiarization process still, I thought this breakdown of why I feel that Gavin Floyd is completely worth his $9.5 million option is a good start.

All photos courtesy of US Presswire


  • That little squiggly mark in front of the “1.9” is meant to symbolize “approximately”.
  • The statement about Gavin Floyd’s war is true for both Baseball Reference’s version, as well as FanGraphs
  • There is no true average of FIP, since it has slight changes in formula year-to-year.  I averaged it out over the years in accordance to how many innings were thrown at the particular FIP in that season.
  • The final point might be confusing. It’s taking Sackman’s results that were based on the 2006 season, where he found that #3 starters usually have average ERA, whereas #4 and #5 starters are way above-average.  Since Floyd’s slightly-below average in his ERA, this indicates he’s roughly qualified to be another #3 (and thus overqualified to be the #4 on the 2013 White Sox), even my measure of Floyd and Sackman’s study are using different data-sets.

P.S. I love awkward Gavin Floyd dugout photos.  Love them

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