Gavin Floyd is a Chicago White Sox until he’s not. You can p..."/> Gavin Floyd is a Chicago White Sox until he’s not. You can p..."/>

Potential Trade Target: Logan Forsythe


Gavin Floyd is a Chicago White Sox until he’s not. You can probably look forward to a nice stretch of time where we bicker about where he is and is not already being traded to and what is going to be had in return. It’s not new, Gavin’s been on the verge of being traded a number of times in the last year or so, most notably the very persistent Toronto rumors leading into Spring Training 2012. The Blue Jays still need pitching, so they’re going to be in the mix again, but that’s not who I want to talk about. I want to talk about the San Diego Padres, the year that Chase Headley just had, and the White Sox terrible need for third base help.

I’m fairly certain he’s decided to not use the wobbly bat anymore. (Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE)

No, no, no, don’t go calling me a dreamer I’m not talking about trading for Chase Headley. Headley just finished up a season in which he hit .286/.376/.498 and launched 31 homers while playing half of his games at the very pitching friendly Petco Park (the third most HR suppressing park in the majors last year). He’s also 28 and not hitting free agency until 2015. It’s his strong season that tips over a domino that leads to a nice trade possibility that could net the Sox a nifty third base possibility. Jedd Gyorko is a very solid bat that had third baseman of the future written all over him. He slugged .588 in 400+ plate appearances at AAA last season (Pacific Coast League disclaimer) and is blocked at third by Headley. Rather than try to send him away or let him languish in the minors, the Padres are attempting to give him a shot at second base. Filling the gap at second base as it stands now is Logan Forsythe. Forsythe is heading into his age 26 season and hit .273/.343/.390 in about half a season’s worth of at-bats last season good for an OPS+ of 106. He’s not even arbitration eligible until 2015 and looks to be a solid regular moving forward, though no superstar.

Why would the Padres be willing to give away a team controlled potential starter in exchange for a $9.5 million dollar 30 year-old starter with issues living up to potential? Because they don’t have a whole lot going for them in terms of starting pitching. Following season ending surgeries, San Diego has allowed starters Tim Stauffer and Dustin Moseley to walk away to free agency. This leaves their depth chart showing a rotation lead by Clayton Richard and rounded out by Andrew Cashner with Eric Stults peppered in there with perpetual injury risks Cory Luebke and Edinson Volquez. That’s not gonna be good for business. Gavin Floyd slots in quite well at a #3 there, with much more room to reach that big time potential while going from homer happy U.S. Cellular Field to San Diego’s Petco Park. Most importantly, it’s likely they can count on him to eat plenty of innings.

We haven’t heard much of Logan Forsythe, both because he’s played in just 153 games so far in his big league career and because they’ve taken place for the Padres, in another league and without much national coverage. Trading Floyd either sticks the Sox with a lefty heavy rotation with Sale/Danks/Quintana/Santiago or makes the leap that Nestor Molina and/or Simon Castro will be prepared to make a big league impact in 2013. That might be a risk that has to be taken, though. All while helping bring salary back into the intended range.