U.S. Cellular Sells Claim to Chicago, Ballpark Name to Remain


According to USA Today,

Sprint is buying U.S. Cellular markets in the Midwest, which would include Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio.

“But, Matt, I don’t care!”

Yes, well I know it doesn’t seem to immediately matter where baseball is concerned, but U.S. Cellular owns the current naming rights to the park in which the White Sox play…you know…U.S. Cellular Field. The deal is good for another 11 years; it was signed in 2003 for $68 million (most of which went towards stadium renovations) to last 20 years. You can hold onto your U.S. Cellular Field branded mugs, caps and blankies, though. Word is that The Cell will still be The Cell.

It’s too bad, we could have a lot of fun with a name that conflicts playing style so heavily: