Have a Good Time, Bring the Fam!


One of the major complaints that people have about MLB ticket prices is what it costs to bring the family. Most of you, if you are regular visitors of ballparks know that the expense can get ridiculous even if you’re on your own. If you multiply that experience by 4, it’s daunting. Odds are, the reason you enjoy taking in games first hand in the first place is because when you were young, your parents, your grandparents, a family friend or somebody similar brought you to the ball yard and it was something you enjoyed, something you even found magical. But who can afford to bring an entire family to the ballpark more than once a year these days? Even then it has to be budgeted months in advance much of the time, the cost is so high. The White Sox, along with their overall lowering of ticket prices in 2013 are now also offering Family Sundays.

The 13 Sunday Home games in the coming season will have lower level seats available for $15 and upper deck seats available for as low as $5. This accompanies the $10 Sunday parking that was part of the initial 2013 ticket pricing announcement. In addition the Sox will continue the practice of featuring special events for kids on Sunday such as autograph sessions and running the bases after the game.

It’s an excellent step for the White Sox making it easy for kids to have opportunities to enjoy the ballpark, and also works towards the future adhering to the McDonald’s model and “getting them hooked while they’re young.”

And hey, no family? You can still buy cheap tickets!