Happy Birthday Minnie Minoso


Minnie Minoso is 87 today. Probably. I read something last year that said he was 89, so it seems impossible that he would lose 2 years having achieved a birthday. Minnie Minoso, as Jim Margalus of South Side Sox stated jokingly but accurately, “80-something, going on 80-something, or potentially 90 or 90-something…” So we do wish Minnie a Happy Birthday, regardless of which one it is. He’s a beloved White Sox icon, he broke the color barrier for the White Sox in 1951 and can still be found periodically around the ballpark during games. I have a sneaking suspicion (don’t ask me how I know this, I just do), that you’ll be hearing the case for Minnie to be part of the Hall of Fame in the next month or so. Maybe here, maybe elsewhere, but probably also here.

A documentary is also on the way, as evidenced by this successful Kickstarter campaign from last May and I look forward to being able to see some of the details of Minnie’s life that lead to him being the ballplayer that he was. There is something I can’t shake from my mind though, from that article I read last year. It said that Minnie does 150 situps every morning. 150! He’s eighty s—*trails off mumbling numbers*. He’s really old! I’m fairly young, and I’m in fairly good shape. I don’t wake up and do 150 pushups every morning. So good on you, Minnie. And Happy Birthday.