Twitter Journey: In Acquiring Jeff Keppinger


It’s Jeff Keppinger Day! I’m only writing of the new White Sox third baseman today.

The first was anticipatory, looking at Keppinger as a potential future acquisition.

The second, a mention of the acquisition occurring, and the immediate details involved. So why not do a look back at the initial reaction from the fine folks of Twitter?

If you were around when the news broke, you saw opinions that landed almost entirely in 3 camps:

  1. Yes! What a pickup!
  2. Oh, ok, sure, I guess.
  3. What is this nonsense, are they crazy?!

Here are a few:

I think I’d have to say my opinion sits in group #2. In fact, my use of “I think” pretty much cements that ambivalence. Anyway, barring any sort of trade involving him, third base is Jeff Keppinger land now, so get used to it.