Facts it’s Tough to Put a Finger On: Nick Swisher is Annoying


This is as adult as I’m going to get. It’s January, it’s a quiet time, a time without any big league baseball. Nick Swisher was officially introduced as a member of the Cleveland Indians and as I watched clips from the press conference, I found myself scowling. When Swisher boisterously laughed, I snarled a little bit. So I asked myself a question that, to be honest, I’ve asked myself before: “Why do I hate Nick Swisher so?”

Look I’m on the jumbotron!* (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

Typically, any player on the field having a good time I’m ok with. Professional sports contain so much seriousness, and understandably so. These guys are trying to fit as much of their profession as they can into a shrinking window. The need for concentration and dedication is immense. I get it. That being so, it’s very refreshing to see a player that looks like we all did when we started playing. No, I don’t mean that look of absolute panic when you realize that a baseball could easily break your brittle 7-year old bones. I mean the smile that crosses your face when you’re just having a good time. A game! What fun! Unfortunately for Swisher (you know, because of his immense concern for his perception among various fan bases), his obvious love of the game gets no love from me.

I mused aloud on Twitter on my Swisher dilemma, and got a response from a gentleman that had

recently written an article concerning White Sox fans and their distaste for Swisher. What it comes down to in his article, is that Swisher was here just a brief time, performed poorly, butted heads with Ozzie when Ozzie was still in good standing, and had the nerve to not fetch much of a return when Kenny decided to cut bait. It seems like a lot of weight to put on a guy because management was unable to turn a profit on the outgoing transaction. But you know what? I think that’s a big part of it. Also, the butting heads with Ozzie certainly made it seem like he was being a baby and not willing to accept his poor play as reason enough for a benching. In hindsight, seeing how Guillen treated players and situations according to his rules of how things should be, it’s probably fair to shift a bit more of the blame to ye olde skipper.

Sure, he’s annoying. But why? I don’t get it, I can’t answer it. Does he remind me of somebody I know? I don’t know, but he is, he’s annoying. It can’t be explained, and it can’t be justified. It’s just the way it is. So for now, good folks, I am saying “hey Nick Swisher, have fun in Cleveland.” I am wishing him well. Clean slate. Nick Swisher has fun, is a ballplayer, and a productive one at that. I applaud him for all of this.

The Sox don’t have to wait long to get their first look at Nick Swisher and the Cleveland Indians in 2013. They’ll be in town April 22. I look forward to backpedaling mightily on every fair thing that I’ve said above and shouting with glee about how off-putting that Swisher fellow is, and shooting the dirtiest look available to the first person I come across in an Indians jersey with 33 on the back.

*photo note*
It was nearly impossible to choose a photo that spoke in some way to Swisher’s innate irritation ability. All of which could have been presented, without comment.