Julio Franco is in This Hall of Fame


Before the Hall of Fame votes go official on Wednesday I’ve got something I need to share with you all. Julio Franco is not going into the Hall of Fame. You knew that? Oh, me too. It’s certain though, that if voting wasn’t restricted to just the BBWAA eligible voters as it is, Julio would garner a vote or two. Go talk up a bunch of people you know to be baseball fans to some degree individually. Show them the names on the ballot, ask them who goes in. People have some strange rationales for some strange players. While explaining a discussion with a friend who tried to convince me that Kenny Lofton was more deserved than Tim Raines, I was greeted to with a joking effort to enshrine Julio Franco. This, of course, lead me to the Batting Stance Hall of Fame.

The inaugural class is announced, without vote, and encouragement for your criticism:

Julio Franco – I may as well lead with Franco, eh? Bat wrapped around his head pointing back out to the field? Yeah that’s Hall of Fame. Franco in action.

Gary Sheffield – It’s the bat wag. A still photo would seem normal, but the bat wag was something special, something that seemed dangerous, something that sometimes was.

Jeff Bagwell – For Bagwell a still photo is plenty. He’s sitting, except he’s not. A good place to throw an honorable mention to Rickey Henderson, who comes close to the sit with his extreme crouch, but is not quite there.

Mickey Tettleton – Mickey Tettleton is not impressed. He doesn’t really care to face you but he will because it’s his job. He’s barely even bothering to hold the bat!

Rod Carew – Carew’s stance may remind you a little of Tettleton. Sometimes. It might remind you of Rickey Henderson. Sometimes. Rod Carew’s stance was ever changing, and that helped keep it unique.

Kevin Youkilis – Have you ever seen Kevin Youkilis bat? Of course you have. He’s got some Julio Franco in him

Craig Counsell – If Kevin Youkilis brings Julio Franco to mind, Craig Counsell conjures images of…I’m just kidding nobody else comes to mind, this guy bats like he’s giving the bat up as an offering to the baseball gods.

Joe Morgan – There are a handful of twitchers that could be on the list, but after thinking about it, the one with the most notable is Joe Morgan and his flapping wing. I’ll let Batting Stance Guy show you. And now off you go to watch his videos forever and ever. Go ahead and start with the White Sox.